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Mother’s of Believers – A series by Sr. Fawzia Belal.


Dear parents and students,

we are glad to inform you that we have been running our personality development program successfully form the last four weeks, and in this week i.e tomorrow (Friday) allhmdulillah we are going to have sister Fawzia Belal from Texas, USA 🇺🇸. She is currently serving as the principal of an all girls Islamic school in Texas.

Before our tomorrow’s session, we wanted you to have a look at her previous work, sister Fawzia in collaboration with East Plano Islamic Center(Epic Masjid) has been working on a series Mother’s of Believers which is available on youtube. Before we go live with her tomorrow, we would really appreciate it if you could go and check her videos out and see the amazing work she has been doing. The links to the videos will be provided below: