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Parent's Guide

Help your child:

The parent is the first teacher of a child. Help your child to inculcate good habits and skills every day. Ensure that your child continues to do the good things. If the child has any troubles then help him/her. The relationship you develop with your child will help him/her to succeed further.

Show Affection:

Show utmost care and affection to your child. Praise them for the little things they do. Spend some time with them every day talking, listening with patience to understand their challenges, achievements, and their journey of education.

Give them a proper ambiance:

A child can get easily distracted from their studies. A home is an important place for a child to accomplish the various tasks of homework, assignments, projects besides reading and writing. Give them a nice spot at your home with proper facilities. Set up a formal time to study every day. Establish a routine for eating, playing, study, reading, and sleeping.

Communicate with the teachers:

Talk to your child’s teacher to understand the progress and performance of your child. The teachers are working very hard on every child by keeping a narrow focus on every individual student. You can discuss and suggest to the teacher any particular aspect that your child needs attention. Your collaboration with the teacher can improve your child’s performance. Do not forget to appreciate the teacher for something he/she has done for your child.

Watch your child:

Be vigilant about your child’s activities like what he does, what he watches on mobile/TV, the language he/she uses. Check regularly if he finishes the homework, assignments, projects on time. See that the child attends the classes on time. Your positive attitude and encouragement will make the child understand the responsibilities and will make him/her more disciplined, mannered, and punctual.

Be involved:

Every parent must know what's going on in their child's daily school life. A parent should do the following things everyday: Ask your child how their school day went. Engage in conversations about what they learned, who their friends are, what they had for lunch etc, Make sure your child has time set aside to complete his/her Homework. Be there to answer or to assist him/her whenever needed. Read all notes/memos sent home from the school. Contact your child's teacher immediately if you have any concerns. Value your child's education and express the importance of it every single day.

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